Lodge Officers

There are a number of officer positions in the Lodge. The officers fall into two groups: there are progressive officers who take part in the running of the ceremonies and non-progressive officers that are involved in the running of the Lodge and either elected by the Brethren or appointed by the Worshipful Master.

The image shown next to each description depicts the Jewel worn by the officer, to signify their role in the meeting.

Progressive Officers

Progressive officer positions are usually filled for the duration of the year following on from the “Installation” meeting, where the officers are installed into their office.

Worshipful Master

The Worshipful Master is in charge of his Lodge for his year in the chair. Each year the Brethren elect the Master for the following year, from all the members of the Lodge that have served at least one year in the role of one of the Wardens.

Senior Warden

The Senior Warden sits at the West end of the Lodge. The Senior Warden is responsible for closing the Lodge at the end of the ceremony. The Senior Warden is usually the next Master in the Lodge.

Junior Warden

The Junior Warden sits on the South side of the Lodge. The Junior Warden is responsible for ensuring that no unqualified person enters the Lodge, and ensuring the Brethren are well looked after during refreshment.

Junior and Senior Deacons

There are two Deacons in the Lodge and among their duties, they are responsible for guiding and assisting the candidates through their ceremonies. The Deacons wear the same Jewel, which is a dove bearing and olive branch.

Inner Guard

The Inner Guard is seen on the first step on the ladder of the progressive officers, leading through the other progressive officers to become Worshipful Master of the Lodge. The Inner Guard is placed inside the door of the Lodge to ensure that only qualified persons are allowed in the meeting.


This is usually the first office a new Mason holds in the Lodge. There are often a number of Stewards in a Lodge, sometimes with a past Master of the Lodge taking the position of Senior Steward to guide the other Stewards. The role of the Stewards is to assist at the Festive Board, following on from the meeting.

Non-progressive / Appointed Officers

Most of the non-progressive officers would be filled by the same person for a number of years.

Immediate Past Master

This is the only automatic office in the Lodge and is filled by previous member of the Lodge who occupied the Worshipful Masters chair. It is the Immediate Past Masters role to install his predecessor and then to assist the new Master during their time in the Masters Chair. The Immediate Past Master always sits directly to the left of the Worshipful Master


The chaplain is involved in the opening and closing of the Lodge, as well as in each of the ceremonies, leading the members of the Lodge with a short prayer.


The Treasurer is responsible for collecting the Lodge and Dining fees from the Brethren and Visitors and ensuring the Lodge accounts are kept in order. The accounts are prepared annually, audited and submitted to the Brethren for approval.


The secretary is an important role in the Lodge. The Secretary works to ensure the smooth running of the administration of the Lodge. They are responsible for the communications between the Grand Lodge and the Provincial Grand Lodge to the Lodge. The Secretary is also responsible for creating the Summons for the meeting, which provides the Brethren with the agenda for the next meeting.

Director of Ceremonies

The Director of Ceremonies has an important role to play in ensuring all the Progressive Officers involved in the Ceremonies know what they’re doing and organising the Lodge of Instruction rehearsal sessions.


The almoner helps to keep in touch with members and their families who are unwell or have lost a loved one. Almoners will report back to the members, and can also help people to understand the support that’s available for them.
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Charity Steward

The Charity Steward will arrange several events over the course of each year to raise money for charity. They will also help with the raffles at each meeting and raise awareness in the Lodge of the charity opportunities within the region and province.


The role of the Lodge Mentor is to provide guidance to the members of the Lodge, helping them with any questions they may have, or putting them in touch with someone that can help them. Every Lodge member will have questions about the different aspects of Masonry and the Mentor will help them to discover the answer.

Assistant Director of Ceremonies

The Assistant Director of Ceremonies helps the Director of Ceremonies, standing in for him if he’s away, and helping with the running of the meeting.

Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary works alongside the Secretary in running the administration of the Lodge. Usually the Assistant Secretary will take on the work of organising the Festive Board, which is the meal held after the meeting.


The Tylers place is outside the door of the Lodge, symbolically to keep non-masons out of the meeting. He also helps to prepare the room,and ensure Candidates are prepared for the meeting.


The Lodge Organist adds ambience to the Lodge Meetings, playing during parts of the ceremonies and also in key parts of the Festive Board after. Bracknell Lodge is lucky to often have someone skilled enough to play the organ, although on occasion we have to revert to technology to assist.